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Schools, Clubs, Firemen, Lodges, Logos, Unions, etc.
Can also go on wallets, handbags, checkbook covers, etc.

Local 184, Plumbers & Steamfitters, Paducah KY is shown


This mural size is 8 x 11inches.

Leather murals, are also called, Pictorials, or Doodle Pages. After the design is hand carved with a swivel knife, it can have an antique finish, using RJ's own formula, or it can be left in the natural state. It is dependent upon your preference. Either looks very exquisite for hanging in your home; office; or in the lobby of your business.

As leather is an organic material, it does need to breathe, and should never be placed under glass.

Any design shown on this website; your family crest; or your company logo, can be hand carved into the leather. A five letter name or 3 initials are also included.

Price quoted will be based upon your needs.

Mail in work order form is here. or (270) 554-2003 for phone orders
Please allow 8 - 10 weeks. Some murals take longer. Thank you.

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